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Our mission is simple.  

Solve for Diversity and Inclusion, while changing the world. One Developer at a time.

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About Our Business

Who are we?

Afri-Tech United was built with the mission in mind of bridging the gap between African developers and US based opportunities.  While our mission focuses on expanding and enriching the idea of uniting highly skilled engineers in Africa with new opportunities, we are also ensuring an invested social impact in the local community in order to further African economic growth.

Our intent is simple: Give current and future engineers exposure to tools and opportunities, while highlighting community impact through these commitments. 

Afri-tech's main goal is strongly related to impact sourcing, re-building communities through technology and changing lives while achieving results.

There is extremely high demand in the United States for technical solutions. Afri-Tech United has partnered with local, state and federal governments, as well as top universities in Nigeria to help drive our technology-based commitment to providing these solutions while strengthening African communities.


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